Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Parenthesis...: Synthesized Swimming (Aquatic)

for the first track in May we have Parenthesis... - euphoric synthpop, like an infinite line of statuesque russian swimmers waiting to dive into an infinitely long pool, a little bit Busby Berkeley, a little bit Soviet propaganda poster, in a POP way:

The idea behind the track "Synthesized Swimming" came from a time when it became necessary, for some reason or other,  for me to simulate the sound of cola bubbles on a synthesizer, with St Etienne's button savvy producer Ian Catt. I was foolishly sceptical about our chances, but the stately synth betrayed it's formal exterior and complied with a perfect cool analogue fizz. It was from these irresistible synth bubbles that I started to dream of recreating the sounds of a swimming pool, one that was so realistic that I'd have to keep adjusting the oscillators and envelopes to keep myself afloat. This track takes the whole idea up to an Olympic size, then throws in all the aquatic sports, a ripple of Telstar, and a splash of J-pop. Is this how it feels when you swim?