Monday, 11 June 2012

Hannah Peel - The Bully (Hockey)

Hannah Peel has been extremely busy of late, what with her Hockey track for "it's the taking part that counts" and the Magnetic North album, both of which are, of course, UNMISSABLE:

Hannah Peel on the sport of Hockey:
"I had a bully for a teacher. 
..I cowered and shivered in my gym skirt and t-shirt at the corner of the pitch. 
With the wind and snow on my back and bare legs, she laughed at my agony"

Written by Hannah Peel
Performed by Hannah Peel (piano / vocals / percussion / samples) and Simon Tong (Guitars / Bass / Drums)
Additional text: 'Know the Game, Women's Hockey' 3rd Edition 1954

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