Tuesday, 17 July 2012

it's the taking part that counts launch party

yup, just 10 days to go now until the opening ceremony, so seems a good time to mention our own opening ceremony, and seven reasons it will be BETTER

1. the wiaiwya global pop sportsday is FREE!
2. it takes place in the Union Chapel - the best live venue in London!
3. it's on a Saturday 28th July!
4. it's presented by those nice people at Arctic Circle!
5. it starts at Midday, and goes on til two, leaving the alfernoon to hang out with CHUMS!
6. it features Pete Astor!, Hong Kong in the 60s! and the Leaf Library!
7. you can get your copy of the album there, so you don't have to listen to Muse constantly throughout August!

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