Friday, 17 February 2012

Flotation Toy Warning - the Buoys Are Back In Town

Flotation Toy Warning returned from the Arctic in 2001to make beautiful and slightly skewed MELODY... their debut album, The Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck (2004), was full of twinkles, drops, gasps, wheezes, wooshes, parps, breaks, shuffles, swoons and TUNES... TONS of TUNES... so many in fact, it's not surprising it has taken 8 years to make the follow up, due this autumn... in the meantime MARVEL at their Canoe & Kayak song - the BUOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN:

Flotation Toy Warning - The Buoys Are Back In Town

'Canoeing and kayaking was introduced into the Olympics at some point and is about going fast in very thin rowing boats that go forwards instead of backwards, without sinking or anything. And both oars are on the same stick.
None of us have actually ever been canoeing, although some of us did touch a  canoe once, and gave it a quick sniff when we thought no-one was looking.
In the weeks prior to writing this tune we whiled away many hours sat in the bath with buckets on our heads, whilst holding a broom handle with both hands.
It really enabled us to get into the mindset of the canoeist, as is unmistakably evident from the swirling, frothy tones of 'The Buoys Are Back In Town'.
Can you see what we did there? Great.

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