Wednesday, 29 February 2012

the Libero - the Regal Drug (Volleyball)

the Libero is Scott Amore, owner operator of Inner Space Sound labs and keyboard player for the Butterflies of Love (more about them to follow)... the Regal Drug is haunting, lo-fi, atmospheric and pslightly-delic...


Holyoke, Massachusetts circa 1895, the birthplace of Volleyball.
Libero is an Italian word meaning "free".
When we played that game in school, we felt free.
I don't know why we loved the game so much, maybe it was a break from the rigors of school life?
or, bright gymnasium lights and bump-set-spikes.
yet, there was no Libero in said school age matches.

But now!

now this part should be read and/or sung aloud, as in stadium chant style.

The Libero - is a defensive specialist;
The Libero - Remains in the game at all times.

The Libero - is not limited by rules of rotation.
The Libero - replaces the middle blocker position

The Libero - never rotates to the front row himself.
The Libero - Is chosen by the team before the match

The Libero - remains the libero for the entire match
The Libero - Wears a different color jersey than the rest of the team

The Libero - fosters more digs and rallies
The Libero - makes the game more exciting.

The Libero - is a defensive specialist.

- the regal drug.

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