Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Sool - Handball! (Handball)

Sool is Kevin Quinn, Neal Spaulding, and Pete Weiss. These "sool brothers" have been recording and making music together for over a quarter century. After some serious introspection, they decided it best to call upon some of their friends to share the blame. The result is a sporadic collective of top-notch musicians and artists known as "Friends of Sool". FOS consists of John Clarke, Mercy James, Ken Lafler, Inverse Room, Jeff Norcross, Scott McCall, Rich Gilbert, Michael Quinn, Mark Weaver, Jeff Mellin, Peter Linnane, Erich Groat, and many others whose inspiration, friendship and support provide rocket sandwiches in the form of musical creativity

Handball! is POP fun in OVERDRIVE!

"When Sool was invited to create a song about the great sport of handball, we became giddy with fond memories of sunny, late 70's afternoons spent wacking a soft rubber ball against a brick wall. Sort of a "poor man's racquetball, without the racquet." Good times! But... what's this? We quickly discovered that we, as Yanks, were only familiar with the American version of handball! And that there existed many other permutations of the game, worldwide! Turns out that the type of handball played in the Olympics is ultra-cool, mile-a-minute, don't-blink-or-you'll-miss-something great fun! And it does not involve a brick wall! Our music and sport worlds are richer places now -- ALL HAIL OLYMPIC HANDBALL!"
written/composed/produced by Sool
recorded & mixed by Pete Weiss at Verdant Studio, Athens VT

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