Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Leaf Library - Badminton House (Badminton)

the Leaf Library are an ACTUAL dream, a kraut folk dream of pastoral machines, and mechanical pastors, like blueboy playing hallogallo on a picnic... dreamy...

Some facts about Badminton and our song: Badminton was brought back to Britain in the mid-eighteenth century by retired military officers from India. The sport gets its name from Badminton House in Gloucestershire, although no one really knows why. Even on the internet. Anyway, that's what the lyrics are about. To get in the zone for making the drum track, Lewis sat and watched online clips from badminton matches. No one knows if he wore a sweatband or even warmed-up properly. I haven't played badminton for years and, whilst admittedly good exercise, our sessions at school were mainly used for hitting shuttlecocks at Ben Allen. The biggest section by far on the Wikipedia badminton page is titled 'Deception'.
Written by The Leaf Library, recorded and mixed by Lewis Young
Gareth Jones: bass
Kate Gibson: vocals
Lewis Young: drum progamming, guitar
Matt Ashton: guitar, keyboard