Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the track listing...

wait no longer... here we have the MAGNIFICENT track listing for IT'S THE TAKING PART THAT COUNTS... the 13th track, by Band A Part, will be posted tomorrow:

Saint Etienne - Steeplechase (Athletics)
Jeff Mellin - Hit Me! (Boxing)
One Fathom Down - Exodus (Shooting)
Hacia Dos Veranos - The Way Of The Hand And The Foot (Tae Kwon Do)
The Vatican Cellars - A Palpable Hit (Fencing)
The Leaf Library - Badminton House (Badminton)
Linda Guilala - Morir Ahogada (Sailing)
Flotation Toy Warning - The buoys Are Back In Town (Canoe & Kayak)
Fox - Behind Enemy Lines (Modern Pentathlon)
Town Bike - Tour De Force (Cycling)
Darren Hayman - Bundle! (Wrestling)
Hawaii Fried Dough - Tumblebee (Gymnastics)
Hong Kong In The 60s - Let's Play Table Tennis (Table Tennis)
White Town - Theme From Olympic Weightlifting (Weightlifting)
The Sunny Street - Steffi (Tennis)
Alexander's Festival Hall - Judo (Judo)
Sool - Handball! (Handball)
Hannah Peel - The Bully (Hockey)
Band A Part - Cascabel (Equestrian)
DJ Downfall - Shoot It Shoot It (Archery)
Monster Bobby - Stanley Cound Turn On A Tiki (Football)
MassiveAnneFrank - Transition (Triathlon)
Parenthesis... - Synthesised Swimming (Synchronised Swimming)
Ellis Island Sound - Ergo Squad box (Rowing)
The Libero - The Regal Drug (Volleyball)
High Barnets (feat. The Butterflies Of Love) - Danny's Got A Good Shot (Basketball)

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